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Cyber Monday Sales Spike

I can attest to the accuracy and impact of Cyber Monday at Thompson Cigar and LinenSource.

The newly named Cyber Monday lives up to its history with sales spikes
Who heard of Cyber Monday before yesterday? Not many people as the term was coined by the National Retail Federation/ this year to describe the phenomenon of online shopping that occurs on the Monday after Thanksgiving. But a Google search on the term shows 1.01 million instances of its appearing on the web. And it’s already being considered for inclusion in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written by users.

Just as “Black Friday” shopping in stores is much bigger than an average shopping day, so too is Cyber Monday shopping in online stores, a phenomenon that retailers have noted since the beginning of online shopping but that no one had named until this year. Visits to online retail sites on Monday increased 50% compared to a month ago and 20% compared to the previous Monday, Akamai Technologies Inc. reports.

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Yup. That is true. Cyber Monday was a hit.

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