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A series of unfortunate banking events - an ongoing case study

MyBank, as we will call it for now, has been wrapped up lately in a cascade of human errors that has caused great embarassment and humiliation for everyone involved. (bank executives, customer service reps and tellers, as well as myself and my boss)

After two scathing letters made it all the way to the CEO and the Board of Directors, my banking problems were corrected down to the last penny and MyBank assumed all responsibility, which are both minor miracles in my opinion.

However, I do admit my own involvement. That's where I convinced an unwitting teller to help correct the original problem, which led to a security breach of my boss' account. And boy did he go off. Here is a recently published column in Network World describing our situation. And yes, I'm "Al", in the story.

MyBank was "generous" enough to send flowers to my wife and a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse to me. I still think they owe me pain and suffering, but their culture as bankers doesn't allow them to see that. The matter won't be settled with my employer until he has someone's head on a platter.

Today is the day the bankers sit down at their computers and read the Network World piece. It should be fun to see if there is a reaction.

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Blogger Dave Ryan said...

Intresting article. The buerocratic banking industry has many unfortunate accidents. If had many problems myself with varius business acounts. Iv also worked in the industry and know for a fact that these "accidents" happen all the time. I was just posting here though to let you know about my blog:
Your readers and yourself will find many of the tools there incredibly helpfull in your endevours.

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