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Making Tags Work on Blogger

I gave up trying to figure out Technorati Tags for my blogs months ago. But thanks to some help from Josh Hallett of and some advice from Jeremy Pepper, I think I finally have it down.

We'll see if it works.

I've observed other blogger users add tagged keyword at the bottom of their posts. I think that makes more sense than tagging words within the text. Josh pointed out that my raw RSS feed from the Security Awareness blog was set at "short" descriptions, not "full".

Jeremy also told me that the ping from Blogger doesn't always work well with Technorati. He suggested a manual ping using PingOMatic.


Anonymous brian said...

I too have had problems linking from my blog to technorati using the technorati tag.

I've found that sometimes my post will show up a technorati, and other times, they won't.

Very strange.

3:03 PM  

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