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Blog vs. HTML Newsletter

From Blogthenticity Steven Streight quotes Debbie Weil:
If you’re debating whether to launch a spiffy-looking HTML e-newsletter or start a blog… seriously consider the latter.
Ok. I hear what Debbie is saying but I feel both an HTML newsletter and a blog can work together, for now.

I have a very very good email database for my company’s niche industry.My monthly newsletter, the one with all the goodies and freebies that my audience loves, promotes the heck out of our blog. I also send out a twice-weekly email newsletter updating a smaller opt-in audience about my blog posts.

And, I have subscribers to my RSS feed.

But here’s the dilemma. I can’t convince 100% of my targeted email audience to use RSS readers, but I can confirm that they open and click my email newsletter. So, how do we educate our users to invest in good RSS readers or even to download them for free and use them effectively???


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