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Tampa Bay Online Networking Group

Originally published in TECO's Powerezine - 5/15/03.

Two business newsgroups offer electronic networking with local professionals

For small business owners and other business professionals who can’t make all the networking events, there are now two local online networking newsgroups where members exchange business information and call on each other’s expertise. Both lists are free to join.

The first of the groups is TampaBayBusiness started last February by Greg Hoffman, president of The Tarpon Agency. Hoffman’s group offers members “an interactive way to network with other professionals in a friendly, email-based setting.” The group has over 100 members, and is averaging six new members per day. Typical discussions include exchanges of useful web sites for business professionals, and discussions of entrepreneurship.

Hoffman’s group also has an executive panel that alternates monitoring of the list, and helps new members learn about the benefits and features of the list through the homepage. Spamming isn’t tolerated, and discussions must focus on a business topic or one related to it. The group includes a wide variety of professional fields, including law, technology, sales, and others.

The group can be accessed at The group’s homepage is http://groups/


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