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Public Relations Group Looks for Strategies to Succeed

January 10 2005--A dedicated group of Public Relations and Marketing Communications agency owners have started a campaign to educate and learn from peers on how to succeed in the agency business this year.

The yahoo-based group, SmallPRAgencyPros has nearly 300 members worldwide and is moderated by five seasoned small public relations agency owners. The campaign, which kicks off Monday, January 24, will be tailored for other small-agency and independent owners and managers in the industry.

SmallPRAgencyPros is a moderated group and spam is not tolerated. Membership is restricted to those with the vision of a tight-knit, always-on-target discussion group. The moderators moderate but they don't dominate the discussion as do moderators of other groups.
"We are not a high-volume, off-topic group," said Greg Hoffman, co-founder of SmallPRAgencyPros and chief marketing officer for Interpact Inc. "Our goal is to provide an online community where experts and novices learn from each other on a daily basis."

The Strategies for Success Campaign will encourage new members to join and actively participate and old members to share their collective knowledge about the day to day business of running a small public relations agency.

"As small agency owners, we know we can deliver better customer service and higher quality results compared to the larger worldwide firms," said Lea Conner, co-founder of SmallPRAgencyPros and president of Conner Dudley Communications LLC . "At times though, it's great to know we can ask the simple business questions to the group and receive a dozen solutions within a few minutes by email."

Moderators of the group include: Greg Hoffman of GetInsightU; Lea Conner of Conner Dudley Communications; Greg Brooks, an independent public relations contractor; Catherine Pacheco of Pacheco PR; and Jennifer Bagdade of PR Unspun.

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