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Internet Marketing Super Group

The Internet Marketing Super Group through Yahoo was recently created to support the free flow of ideas among those actively involved in the industry.

Our group topics will include the following: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Shopping Engine Placement, Online Public Relations, Banner/Text-Link Ads, Email Marketing and most importantly, new channels such as Business Blogs and Social Networking.

This forum will be used for Q&A, industry networking and a general resource center.

Members will include Internet Marketing professionals, vendors, PR pros and small business owners interested in learning more on how to grow their business through Internet Marketing.

***Your first posts will be moderated to keep out spammers and non-relevant topics but once you prove who you are, the moderators will allow free postings.***

We are not here to replace any listserves or supercede any existing groups, only to supplement the amount of useful information.



Bruce Hoffman - Tampa Polygraph Expert

When you want to know the truth, find a qualified professional to handle the polygraph exam.

Bruce Hoffman is simply the best polygraph examiner in the Tampa Bay area. His firm handles criminal, civil, theft, domestic and pre-employment polygraph exams throughout the state of Florida.

Hoffman currently has contracts for pre-employment exams with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, one state law enforcement agency and three armored car/money transport companies.

Are you using the best polygraph examiner?



Omaha Steaks on the Grill

Nothing better than Father's Day weekend and grilling outside with the family. We received a sampler box from my new friends at Omaha Steaks this past week. Tonight we are trying the 11-ounce Boneless Strips. It's been a while since I used the grill so my fire making skills needed a few lessons.

I'll be taking the Filet Mignon box to dinner tomorrow night at my Dad's house.

Happy Father's Day.

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