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A series of unfortunate banking events - an ongoing case study

MyBank, as we will call it for now, has been wrapped up lately in a cascade of human errors that has caused great embarassment and humiliation for everyone involved. (bank executives, customer service reps and tellers, as well as myself and my boss)

After two scathing letters made it all the way to the CEO and the Board of Directors, my banking problems were corrected down to the last penny and MyBank assumed all responsibility, which are both minor miracles in my opinion.

However, I do admit my own involvement. That's where I convinced an unwitting teller to help correct the original problem, which led to a security breach of my boss' account. And boy did he go off. Here is a recently published column in Network World describing our situation. And yes, I'm "Al", in the story.

MyBank was "generous" enough to send flowers to my wife and a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse to me. I still think they owe me pain and suffering, but their culture as bankers doesn't allow them to see that. The matter won't be settled with my employer until he has someone's head on a platter.

Today is the day the bankers sit down at their computers and read the Network World piece. It should be fun to see if there is a reaction.

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Making Tags Work on Blogger

I gave up trying to figure out Technorati Tags for my blogs months ago. But thanks to some help from Josh Hallett of and some advice from Jeremy Pepper, I think I finally have it down.

We'll see if it works.

I've observed other blogger users add tagged keyword at the bottom of their posts. I think that makes more sense than tagging words within the text. Josh pointed out that my raw RSS feed from the Security Awareness blog was set at "short" descriptions, not "full".

Jeremy also told me that the ping from Blogger doesn't always work well with Technorati. He suggested a manual ping using PingOMatic.



Blogthenticity - Is Podcasting ready for Business?

It took a good six months last year for our blog to catch a groove with content, style and audience. How long will the podcast experiment take?

Read this post I wrote at Blogthenticity.



2005 Blogging Survey - Results

The results of the corporate blogging survey from Backbone Media have been published. I was one of the participants through The Security Awareness Blog.
With all of the buzz around corporate blogging, we wanted to understand the real value of it for companies. Why would a company want to start blogging, who should blog, what makes a blog successful, and how can a company use this type of website to make a positive impact on business?
Here are the survey results and here is a PDF Link.